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Your teaching and learning guide to help our students foster growth and confidence as learners and people in society.

EBR Overview

Evidence Based Reporting measures a student’s mastery of the essential standards and targets for a class, or how well a student understands the material in class.

The goal of an evidence-based approach is to provide the teacher, student, and parent as accurate a picture as possible of the student’s learning and to encourage a dialogue about how the student can master the material for the class. 

The purpose of Evidence-Based Reporting is to ensure that a student’s grade is reflective of his or her learning based on our courses’ learning expectations.

EBR Overview

The Gradebook

The Gradebook

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HS Principal

Steve Brand

High School Principal


Assistant Principal

Matt Thede

Assistant Principal, Activities Director, Former Biology Teacher, and Baseball Coach


MS Principal

Bob Haugse

Middle School Principal


TLC Instructional Specialist

Michelle Boyden

PreK-12 curriculum, instruction, and assessment leader, instructional coach facilitator, teacher leadership supervisor, standards-based learning and reporting communicator.



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