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Evidence Based Reporting measures a student’s mastery of the essential standards and targets for a class, or how well a student understands the material in class.

The goal of an evidence-based approach is to provide the teacher, student, and parent as accurate a picture as possible of the student’s learning and to encourage a dialogue about how the student can master the material for the class. 

The purpose of Evidence-Based Reporting is to ensure that a student’s grade is reflective of his or her learning based on our courses’ learning expectations.

EBR Overview


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The Gradebook

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HS Principal

Steve Brand

High School Principal

Assistant Principal

Matt Thede

Assistant Principal, Activities Director, Former Biology Teacher, and Baseball Coach

TLC Instructional Specialist

Michelle Boyden

PreK-12 curriculum, instruction, and assessment leader, instructional coach facilitator, teacher leadership supervisor, standards-based learning and reporting communicator.



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Fostering growth and confidence as learners and people.


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Through effective and intentional collaboration, the Mount Vernon Community School District will develop clear goals that outline the steps needed to be an exemplary district of choice.