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Why EBR?

Complex Communication

In an ever-changing world where the jobs we are preparing students for do not exist in the moment, being able to possess complex communication is a must.  EBR helps students learn about their growth, track their growth, reflect about their growth, and communicate with the teacher on how to improve on the learning outcome.  Complex communication is something that will never be replaced by a computer.



EBR will provide a platform to allow students to gain confidence in themselves to know they can hit someone else’s expectation or target.  It helps develop reliance and trust in their own thinking – to look at their own evidence in relation to a teacher’s targets. In college and the professional world, students will be called upon, time and time again, to meet someone else’s expectations and they are expected to know if they have met them or not.  


Critical Innovation Skills

Colleges and employers are not all that concerned with content knowledge in any given area; they are concerned with the skill set to be able to solve problems, work with others, know where to find answers, etc.  In Tony Wagner’s book, Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Kids for the Innovation Era, the purpose of schools come down to 3 things:

  1. Helping students find their purpose and passions

  2. Developing skills

  3. Inspiring students to learn

Not once did they mention the end goal of schools to be focusing on content and getting good grades on tests.  

Finally, we believe this reporting system will bring about a culture centered on learning.  It will change conversations with students, teachers, and parents regarding learning and growth.  Further, instead of receiving grades that are a combination of several factors and points accumulated throughout the semester (attendance, behavior, late work, participation, etc), the letter grade is based on actual student knowledge of the intended standards and targets through assessment.

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