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Gradebook Codes

It is important for each student and parent to understand our process of handling missing work/evidence. Below are the steps of this process:

1. There are deadlines in EBR. 

2. Each department sets its own deadlines, based on the nature of an event and/or the scope of the targets. It is the expectation of the teacher to make this clear in the course description and at the beginning of each class.  Typically, there will be some form of a window after the summative exam has been given - how large of a window will be at the discretion of the department.  When in doubt, ask your teacher for this information.

When looking in the Gradebook, you may see a number of different codes that appear.  Below are the following codes you may see and their meaning: 

  • M - Missing - Student did not take an assessment or turn in an assignment for some reason. 

  • INC - Incomplete - Student started an assessment and didn't finish; Student turned in an assessment with no evidence of learning towards the standard. 

  • NE - No Evidence - Assessment is needed for the successful completion of the class.  If not completed, the resulting grade of 'F' will be given for the class. 

  • (-) - grade not entered

  • Purple Highlight - not included into the final grade (formative or summative)

A score of M or INC will be given for a period of at least 3 weeks.  Only after that period may a score of NE be entered.  Some scores of M and INC may remain for the entire semester. 

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